The Little London Brewery

Little London Brewery ales are crafted in Hampshire and sourced only from natural English ingredients namely Norfolk Malted Barley and Worcestershire Hops to reflect the passion for well-balanced but well hopped beers designed to be refreshingly easy to drink.

Red Boy – 3.7% ABV

The flavour is well-balanced, with a delicate hop aroma and subtle malt and hop flavours on the palate.

Pryde – 4.2% ABV

A very subdued ale with muted flavours all round, though the aroma is very fine indeed. It starts out with a light smoky aroma akin to a fine scotch, followed by heavy dry fruit aromas.

Ash Park Special – 4.9% ABV

A tawny, russet coloured ale, with malt and raisin on the nose coupled with a gentle sweetness that lingers long into a silky smooth finish.

Doreen’s Dark – 3.2% ABV

Treacle coloured with a creamy contrasting head, DD is brewed from a combination of chocolate, crystal and black Norfolk malts providing a clean palate with hints of liquorice and freshly ground coffee followed by a dry hoppy finish.

Hoppy Hilda – 3.8% ABV

A light golden pale ale brewed with Maris Otter barley and crystal malts, generously complemented with fuggle and golding hops.

Call Andy on 07785 225468


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