Sherfiled Beer Festival

24th September 2016

The Sherfield Beer Festival features beers, ales and ciders from local breweries as well as a few guests from further afield.  Little London Brewery will be featuring Hoppy Hilda & Ash Park special.

Hampshire Octoberfest

8 & 9th October 2016

Hampshire’s OctoberFest is back in 2016 for the 8th year running. Organised by the Wessex Heritage Trust, the event attracts over 8,000 visitors yearly. This year’s OctoberFest takes place 7th-9th October 2016, and will feature over 180 beers, ciders and wines from across the region plus delicious food from local suppliers.  Little London Brewery will be providing May’s Bounty, Red Boy & Hoppy Hilda


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